Top Ten Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations can be really difficult to make for many people. Regardless of the fact, a majority of us have or may give at least one presentation at some point in our lives; either at academic institutions or offices.

A large number of people use visual aids in presentations not only to support what they are saying, but also to make it easy to understand and interesting for the audience.

Many visual aid applications are now available to help you do the task. Out of all such applications, PowerPoint is the most famous, widely-used and probably the oldest one there is. However, this does not mean that using PowerPoint guarantees an amazing presentation.

The reality is actually quite opposite to this. Most PowerPoint presentations happen to be the most boring ones and don not have a lasting and positive impact on the audience. Rather than developing interest in your speech, these dull and lifeless slideshows make them feel uninterested and even sleepy in some of the worst cases.

Believe me, nothing could be worse for a speaker than to see people sitting in the audience yawning and dozing off.

Are PowerPoint Presentations bound to be dull and boring?

Definitely Not!

How interesting or how boring your PowerPoint presentation is depends on no one else other than you. So, if you want to add some zing to your upcoming presentation, take a look at the following most important tips:

1.      Plan It

The importance of planning for any task cannot be stressed enough. Planning what you are going to say in your presentation should be the first step. Making the slides comes after that.

2.      Go One By One

Use a slide to state one point only. Stating multiple points on the same slide means that the audience knows what you are going to say next, something which makes them lose interest.

3.      Do Not Make Text Heavy Slides

Refrain from writing your entire speech on the slides. Use them only to highlight or stress upon the important points or to state the statistics, facts and figures.

4.      Remember; Slides Are Meant To Support Your Speech

PowerPoint presentations are only there to support your speech. So, do not write everything on the slides.

5.      Spur Their Curiosity

Do this as early in your presentation as possible. Raising questions and challenging established notions are the best ways of arousing the audience’s interest and will make them curious to know the answers.

6.      Keep The Design Professional

Avoid those decorative and difficult to read fonts and cheesy effects. Remember; there is a difference between making your presentation interesting and making it immature.

7.      But, Be Creative

Although it is critical to design your presentation in a professional manner, this does not mean you should not use your creative side instead of simply using templates; they are too boring to stand. Let your creativity flow and come up with you own designs and combinations.

8.      Use A Wireless Presenter

Use a good wireless presenter to highlight the points and statistics you are discussing. The August LP310 serves a dual purpose, including allowing you to change the slides. In addition to having a laser pointer, it is an air mouse that allows you to maintain control of your presentation remotely.

9.      Make Sure The Audio Is Clear And Loud Enough

If you are including an audio or a video file in your presentation, make sure the audience clearly hears and understands the sound. If you fail to do so, your audience will definitely get bored. Ensure this by using a wireless Bluetooth speaker, such as the August MS515, to get the balanced and powerful stereo sound.

10.  Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Do not stick to the old presentation rules as we have had enough of them. After all, they say that rules are meant to be broken. So, let your individuality shine through the presentation you give.

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