What is True Wireless Stereo?

True Wireless Stereo” is the latest innovation in Bluetooth speaker
technology. These high quality wireless speakers present a great solution for everyone who is tired of listening to poor quality flat sounds when using ordinary Bluetooth speakers.

The True Wireless Stereo allows you to enjoy the stereo quality sound that is immersive and engaging enough to bring any party to life.

The True Wireless Stereo is connected to the main speaker through a smartphone, laptop, or any other device. The main speaker then is connected to the slave speaker via the Bluetooth connection. This allows the device to achieve stereo quality sound for anything you play.

Common Features of the True Wireless Stereos

True Wireless Stereos come in different makes. There are a number of companies manufacturing these devices and hence, each brand has something different going on from the other. The common features include:

  • These devices come with no wires attached. Although completely wireless, the true wireless stereos provide top quality sound due to the clear distribution of sound between the right and left channels. These devices can be paired with smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Most true wireless stereos come with long lasting portable batteries. Whether you’re on the go or camping out in the woods, there should be no compromise on the sound quality. These batteries can run up to 15 hours at a stretch!
  • The true wireless stereos make it possible for you to get surround sound quality for your TV even without a dedicated home-theater system.
  • These devices come with portable stereo speakers that are designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can even place them in multiple rooms at the same time to cover a larger area.
  • Most true wireless stereos come with a remote control or mobile app for the Bluetooth connectivity. These remote controls or apps allow you to forward, skip, or replay the tracks you want. The volume can also be controlled using the same.
  • Most of these devices are compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth versions and smart devices. There are some that can even work with the VCRs and tape decks – come to think of it, that’s ancient!

The Greatest Advantage of True Wireless Stereos – NO CLUTTER!

Hands down the best thing about the true wireless system is that there are no dangling, messy wires whatsoever. With the cable clutter gone, your living spaces look neat and orderly. This is a great solution for anyone who wants the home-theater’s immersive sound quality, but doesn’t want to deal with the huge mass of cables that is unappealing and hassle to manage.

Also, the wireless properties make these new age stereos extremely flexible and mobile. You can keep them in your car or set them up at a pool party. Put up some music in the bathroom or simply turn your ordinary living room setup into a home theater – they can be easily transported without the need to dismantle or reassemble, and there’s certainly no time wasted in figuring out which wire goes where.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!




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