Top Five Tips for Public Speaking

Do you admire speakers who captivate the audiences whenever and wherever they speak?

Do you love how their words work like magic and leave the listeners enchanted?

Have you imagined yourself doing the same someday yet this seems to be a dream far from reality?

Are you one of those whose legs start to tremble and they get all sweaty whenever they have to talk to a group of people?

If you can relate to this and always look for ways to resolve it, stop worrying because we have got you covered. There is no denying the fact that Public Speaking is an art, but it is one which can be learned and mastered.

Here, we are going to discuss the top-most tips for effective public speaking. They may sound simple, but they do the trick. So, do give them a try the next time that all eyes are on you have in a meeting or when you are giving a presentation.

1.      Know Who Your Audience Is

Imagine if you prepare your speech/presentation keeping in mind a group of professionals only to find out that your audience is a bunch of students. Nothing could make you more nervous than this realization. In order to become an amazing public speaker, you need to make sure that the presentation/speech you are giving is specifically tailored for that very audience.

Therefore, always try to find out as much about your audience as possible beforehand. Including examples from their field or regarding something they can relate to will make your presentation/speech way more interesting and captivating.

2.      No Notes Please!

You must have received this advice a thousand times. However, keeping its effects in view can never be stressed on enough. While you may feel like taking notes to the stage because you fear you are going to forget the next point in the middle of presentation/speech, this is a bad reflection on your credibility, knowledge and does not let your charisma takeover the audience.

When you are addressing a group, the audience believes you to be an expert of the field you are talking about. As such, an expert should be well-versed on the topic without the need to consult notes again and again. Even when you are reporting statistics, taking help of slides is more effective than paper notes.

3.      Make Eye Contact

Whether you feel it or not, when you are not making eye contact with your audience and keep staring elsewhere, they easily sense your nervousness. Assume your presentation/speech to be a conversation with your audience. As Simon O. Sinek, a management and leadership consultant, speaker and author, says “You are not speaking at them, you are speaking with them”.

4.      Remember the Old Adage

We all grew up listening to the adage ‘practice makes a man perfect’. This holds true in every field, including public speaking. The better you prepare your content and practice to deliver it efficiently, the better you will do on stage. Also, the more public speaking you do, the more comfortable you will become.

5.      Use a Good Wireless Presenter to Control Slides

An effective tip for reducing your nervousness is to keep your focus on speaking only rather than engaging in multiple things at the same time. If you are consulting notes, dealing with your laptop settings or have to use your laptop again and again to control the slides while speaking, your attention will waver and this will take a toll on your speech and delivery. Like online presentations are preferred over paper notes, in the same way, a wireless presenter is preferred over using a laptop to make sure your presentation progresses smoothly.

A wireless presenter does not limit you to the rostrum. As they have a good range, you can move freely on the stage or among the audience without having to run to the laptop again and again to change the slide.

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