Ten Gadgets to Help You Get Fit

We all love to stay fit, healthy and smart. But let’s face the reality; for a majority of us, it is one of the hardest tasks because it requires a lot of physical activity. Even those who somehow gather the strength to remain physically active loose motivation easily and quickly. One reason for this is the inability to know if you are actually making progress.

But not anymore!

Modern technology has solved this problem. Numerous smart gadgets, Internet of Things (IoTs) and wearable technology has made it extremely simple for anyone to track progress during the fitness journey.

While the availability of fitness gadgets has completely changed the scenario by making it possible to know how many calories were burned during a half an hour exercise and to even count your footsteps, the availability of so many of these gadgets has created a lot of confusion as well.

With the availability of a wide variety of fitness gadgets, people, particularly those who are not tech savvy, find it hard to know and buy the ones that are actually helpful in their fitness journey. To help you out of this difficult situation, we are listing the best 10 gadgets that help you get fit and stay in shape:

1.     Fitness Wristband Pedometer by August

Fitness Wristband Pedometers have been all the rage lately, and there is a reason for it. The wide range of functions it performs has given a new dimension to fitness tracking. August SWB100 Fitness Wristband Pedometer is a wonderful addition to the world of fitness bands. It not only tracks your steps, but also calculates the total distance you have walked and the calories burnt during that walk. Also, it monitors your sleep time and quality. With the vibrating alerts, August SWB100 Fitness Wristband Pedometer notifies the user about text messages, calls, emails and even calendar and social media notifications.

Another amazing feature of this device is that it gives a warning pulse whenever the cell phone or tablet it is connected with gets out of Bluetooth range. The device’s highly affordable price is another feature that makes it a top-most choice of fitness junkies as well as those who are on a weight-loss journey.

2.     Smart Body Analyzer by Withings

Nothing could be as de-motivating and frustrating in the weight-loss journey as not seeing a notable difference in your weight after weeks and months of physical activity and clean eating. This makes many people give up on the weight loss task. Withings worked on this very obstacle and came up with a smart body analyzer that tells you much more than just a number, i.e. your current total weight. With the aim of changing peoples’ view of their exercise regimes and to tell them that there is much more to it than just losing weight, this smart scale measures their body fat, heart rate, ambient air quality and temperature. Thus, it provides a holistic insight into your exercise routine.

3.     Sportiiiis

Cycling is an excellent and interesting way to stay healthy and fit. Although one can wear an activity tracker while cycling, it is quite harder and even risky to continuously check the tracker to view your performance. Sportiiiis, specifically designed for cyclists, is a small device that can easily be fixed on sunglasses. It tracks the heart rate, speed, power and cadence and uses voice prompts to transfer this data to the cyclist.

The device is equipped with an advanced Heads Up Display (HUD) that features 6 LEDs.

4.     Xbox 360 Kinect

Xbox 360 Kinect is an ideal device for those who find typical exercises boring and tedious and hence, cannot continue them for a long period of time. Also, those who love video games also find this device an amazing development as it makes gaming a healthy activity. To benefit from this wonderful technological advancement, all you need is an Xbox 360 console and a game that takes advantage of Kinect’s motion sensors.

Adidas and Nike have come up with several workout games, performance tracking apps and even fitness plans.

5.     HAPIfork

HAPIfork is particularly very helpful for those people who find it really hard to control or manage their eating and end up consuming more than they should. This smart fork tracks the time you take to eat a meal, the number of fork servings you are taking in one minute, and the intervals between servings in a minute. When you are eating at a higher speed, the fork notifies you through vibrations. Thus, it helps you in keeping an eye on your eating speed and in managing your portions.

6.     Belty

Are you the one who finds wearing a fitness band or other separate activity trackers a burden? No worries because you are living in a smart world where technology has taken over every single area of our lives. Belty is a smart belt that not only tracks and maintains a record of your footsteps, it saves you form the trouble of adjusting your belt every now and then, particularly when you are eating.

7.     SmartMat Yoga Mat

Yoga not only helps people stay fit, but also keeps one relaxed, focused and even gives your body the strength to fight against many health problems, only if you are doing it the right way. While you can definitely take an expert’s help to know if you are doing yoga correctly, those who are looking for an alternative way should invest in buying the Yoga Mat by SmartMat.

It is no ordinary mat, rather a smart one that detects your postures and positions through its sensors. If you are doing them in a wrong way, it even suggests you the ways to rectify your mistakes. The mat can be connected to smartphones or tablets to receive feedback and guided workouts.

8.     Hidrate Spark

We all know the importance of staying hydrated for our overall health. This becomes all the more important when we are physically active. But how do you know if you are drinking enough water?

Hidrate Spark has solved the problem with its smart water bottle. This app-enabled bottle counts each sip, just like a fitness band counts your every footstep. Thus, it helps you keep track of the amount of water you are drinking in a day, a week and even a month. Hidrate Spark’s water bottle can also be connected with many other fitness apps, such as Fitbit, Health kit by Apple etc.

9.     Lumo Run Shorts and Leggings

Ever thought that your shorts or leggings can aid you in your weight-loss or fitness journey? Probably not,  but technological advancements have made it possible. Lumo Run has produced shorts and leggings that not only track your steps, but also monitor your pelvic rotation, stride length and other such information. This data is then updated into an associated app which provides tips for improving your form and performance.

The plus point is that you can wash these leggings and shorts in a washing machine, just like your regular clothes.

10.  Hexoskin Shirt

Fitness tracking got a whole new face with the world’s very first ‘bio-metric smart shirt’ produced by Hexoskin during the early 2016. Now, you can track and store the data including the breathing and heart rates and your movements without having to carry a gadget with you. The shirt also has the facility to get the data synchronized with many other fitness apps, the feature that makes fitness tracking all the more easier to use.

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